U.S.S. Apollyon NCC-542

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U.S.S. Apollyon
Registry NCC-542
Class Cochise

The Federation Starship Apollyon,[1] a Cochise class destroyer (a subclass of the Saladin class), was authorized for production by the Star Fleet Appropriation of Stardate 4699.[2]

Saladin class vessels

FASA Timeline

Mark VII Saladin class

Authorized Stardate 0965

U.S.S. Adad NCC-515  • U.S.S. Ahriman NCC-513  • U.S.S. Alaric NCC-503  • U.S.S. Alexander NCC-511  • U.S.S. Azrael NCC-517  • U.S.S. Darius NCC-502  • U.S.S. Etzel NCC-509  • U.S.S. Hamilcar NCC-518  • U.S.S. Hannibal NCC-512  • U.S.S. Hashishiyun NCC-516  • U.S.S. Jenghiz NCC-501  • U.S.S. Kublai NCC-507  • U.S.S. Pompey NCC-506  • U.S.S. Raman NCC-514  • U.S.S. Shaitan NCC-519  • U.S.S. Saladin NCC-500  • U.S.S. Sargon NCC-504  • U.S.S. Suleiman NCC-508  • U.S.S. Tamerlane NCC-510  • U.S.S. Xerxes NCC-505

Mark VIIA Siva class

Authorized Stardate 3030

U.S.S. Ares NCC-524  • U.S.S. Hathor NCC-523  • U.S.S. Iblis NCC-528  • U.S.S. Jugurtha NCC-527  • U.S.S. Loki NCC-529  • U.S.S. Lucifer NCC-521  • U.S.S. Mars NCC-525  • U.S.S. Molock NCC-522  • U.S.S. Siva NCC-520  • U.S.S. Tyr NCC-526

Mark VIIB Cochise class

Authorized Stardate 4699

U.S.S. Abu Bekr NCC-549  • U.S.S. Achilles NCC-551  • U.S.S. Ajax NCC-547  • U.S.S. Akbar NCC-548  • U.S.S. Al Mahdi NCC-545  • U.S.S. Alva NCC-531  • U.S.S. Alvarado NCC-537  • U.S.S. Apollyon NCC-542  • U.S.S. Cimon NCC-555  • U.S.S. Cochise NCC-530  • U.S.S. Cortez NCC-536  • U.S.S. de Ruyter NCC-538  • U.S.S. Drake NCC-541  • U.S.S. El Cid NCC-534  • U.S.S. Geronimo NCC-535  • U.S.S. Hektor NCC-539  • U.S.S. Ivan NCC-550  • U.S.S. Lysander NCC-540  • U.S.S. Martel NCC-554  • U.S.S. Nelson NCC-546  • U.S.S. Ney NCC-533  • U.S.S. Perseus NCC-544  • U.S.S. Pontiac NCC-532  • U.S.S. Samson NCC-543  • U.S.S. Scipio NCC-553  • U.S.S. Theseus NCC-552

Notes and References

  1. This entry has adjusted the spelling from "Appollyon," as given in the "Star Fleet Technical Manual," to the more commonly accepted "Apollyon."
  2. Joseph, Franz. Star Trek: Star Fleet Technical Manual. Ballantine Books, November 1975.