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[[Asherman, Allan]]. [[The Star Trek Compendium (Book)|''The ''Star Trek'' Compendium'']]. [[Pocket Books]], 1993 (rev. ed.).
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[[Johnson, Shane]]. [[Star Trek: Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise (Book)|Star Trek:'' Mr. Scott's Guide to the ''Enterprise]]. [[Pocket Books]], July 1987.
[[Johnson, Shane]]. [[Star Trek: The Worlds of the Federation (Book)|Star Trek:'' The Worlds of the Federation'']]. [[Pocket Books]], 1989.
[[Joseph, Franz]]. [[Star Trek Blueprints (Book)|Star Trek'' Blueprints'']]. [[Ballantine Books]], 1973.
[[Joseph, Franz]]. [[Star Trek: Star Fleet Technical Manual (Book)|Star Trek:'' Star Fleet Technical Manual'']]. [[Ballantine Books]], 1975.
[[Mandel, Geoffrey]]. [[Star Trek: Star Charts (Book)|Star Trek:'' Star Charts'']]. [[Pocket Books]], 2002.
[[Maynard, Jeff]]. [[Star Trek Maps (Book)|Star Trek'' Maps'']]. [[Bantam Books]], August 1980.
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[[Nemecek, Larry]]. [[Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion (Book)|Star Trek: The Next Generation'' Companion'']]. [[Pocket Books]], 2003 (rev. ed.).
[[Okrand, Marc]]. [[The Klingon Dictionary (Book)|Star Trek:'' The Klingon Dictionary'']]. [[Pocket Books]], 1992 (rev. ed.).
[[Palestine, Eileen]] ([[:Category:Book Editors|Editor]]) and [[Mandel, Geoffrey]] ([[:Category:Book Editors|Editor]]). [[Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual (Book)|''Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual'']]. [[Star Fleet Productions, Inc.]], 1977.
[[Robinson, Ben]] and [[Riley, Marcus]] with [[Okuda, Michael]]. [[U.S.S. Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual (Book)|''U.S.S. ''Enterprise'' Owners' Workshop Manual'']]. [[Gallery Books]], November 2010.
[[Ruditis, Paul]]. [[Star Trek: Voyager Companion (Book)|Star Trek: Voyager'' Companion'']]. [[Pocket Books]], 2003.
[[Sternbach, Rick]] and [[Robinson, Ben]]. [[Klingon Bird-of-Prey Owners' Workshop Manual (Book)|''Klingon Bird-of-Prey Owners' Workshop Manual'']]. [[Gallery Books]], November 2012.
[[Sternbach, Rick]] and [[Okuda, Michael]]. [[Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual (Book)|Star Trek: The Next Generation'' Technical Manual'']]. [[Pocket Books]], 1991.
[[Sternbach, Rick]]. [[Star Trek: The Next Generation U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Blueprints (Book)|Star Trek: The Next Generation'' U.S.S. ''Enterprise'' NCC-1701-D Blueprints'']]. [[Pocket Books]], 1996.
[[Whitfield, Stephen]] and [[Roddenberry, Gene]]. [[The Making of Star Trek (Book)|''The Making of ''Star Trek]]. [[Ballantine Books]], 1968.
[[Zimmerman, Herman]] and [[Sternbach, Rick]] and [[Drexler, Doug]]. [[Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual (Book)|Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'' Technical Manual'']]. [[Pocket Books]], 1998.

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