U.S.S. Bolivar NCC-4411

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Larson class[1]

The Larson class Federation Starship Bolivar was commissioned in January 2256. In September 2256, the ship was refit to the Mark II configuration, giving it more powerful phasers and an additionaltorpedo launcher.[1]

In August 2261, the Bolivar led a small task force consisting of the Normandy, Alesia, Babur, and Tecumseh into an uncontrolled area near the Romulan Neutral Zone. The task force maintained radio silence and failed to report back at its scheduled time. When extensive communication attempts were unsuccessfully made, a rescue group was dispatched to the last reported position of the task force. Upon arrival, nothing was to be found, and an extensive search was begun, ultimately discovering a nacelle from the Alesia adrift in an unknown asteroid cluster. At the time, no determination was made as to what had caused the loss of the ships, but it was suspected by many that the Romulans had ambushed the group and successfully destroyed them before they were able to send a call for aid. This theory was never proven, and no action was ever taken against the Romulans, largely because it was felt that the Romulans couldn't have crossed the Neutral Zone unnoticed. Following the discovery of Romulan cloaking technology, however, the theory gained new weight.[1]