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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 2/2301 through 2/2312



  • RSD 2/2302: Joshua Scott enters the Triangle posing as a merchant looking for a possible location for a corporate office. He is very close-mouthed about the corporate name or what it does, but he wants a large area for the headquarters. He hires Drago Apterix as his guide to the Triangle.[2]
  • RSD 2/2302: While at port in a repair facility, the Reliant Class research cruiser U.S.S. Accommodator NCC-26256 is rammed by the Liberty class freighter John B. Goodings. The collision causes excessive external damage and uncontrollable internal fires aboard the cruiser. Allowed to burn itself out in a safe location, the Accommodator is boarded, evaluated, and then scrapped.[4]


  • RSD 2/2303: Investigation confirms that Meadow could be turned into colossal production facility for DANA, but the population of the planet is unwilling for this to occur. A semi-annual call for mining workers goes out to replace the latest crew 'leaving' Newlin II's moon.[3]
  • RSD 2/2303: Star Fleet Command's U.S.S. Columbia NX-2002, the first Excelsior Mk II class battleship, is completed and begins trials. It is slated to be commissioned sometime in early 2224.[4]
  • RSD 2/2303.01 (1 March): In order to ensure his success at consolidating an empire, R'Zaad decides to weld the disparate fragments under his command into a combat fleet. R'Zaad knows, for it was one of the first lessons taught at Star Fleet Academy, that first-class warships are not the sole requisite to victory and that the support system for the fleet will make or break any operation. He begins to train his private fleet in battle maneuvers and fleet actions.[2]
  • RSD 2/2303.17 (17 March): Some of R'Zaad's commanders, frustrated by the days of training when they could be raiding, resist the exercises demanded by R'Zaad. They are particularly incensed by R'Zaad's demand that supplies and support facilities be planned for before any raiding is done. The dissenters are dismissed and new captains are found to take their place.[2]
  • RSD 2/2303.18 (18 March): Captain Nicholas Tremaine, Star Fleet Intelligence, spots a shuttle on the Triangle world of Freeman's Port. Tremaine believes it belongs to the Dixie Lady. The U.S.S. Galahad NCU-5884, under the command of Lieutenant Commander Gustav A. Jorgenssen, is called in to investigate further.[5][4]
  • RSD 2/2303.20 (20 March): Joshua Scott (as Scorn) meets with one of the deposed captains at a starport bistro. Although the captain knows little about the plans for the fleet, he tells Scott that training has begun and about the extensive repair and reconditioning facilities that R'Zaad is building. They arrange to meet again.[2]



  • RSD 2/2305: The U.S.S. Albert NIA-1210, a Tavares class Type-A commercial freighter under the command of Commander Ellie M. Harrelson, is assigned to patrol Orion space and monitor Orion ship movements.[8][4]
  • RSD 2/2305.10 (10 May): Krador and Vastok arrive at the Orion base in the Triangle. They start setting up production facilities and arranging for a ruse to get the Romulans to turn around and go home.[9]
  • RSD 2/2305.10 (10 May): The first shipment from the Romulan mole is complete. Parts of the cloaking device as well as preliminary drawings of the anti-cloaking device are in the hands of BioResearch. A message states that the rest of the material is on the way and should be in the hands of Lancelot Worthington III within 60 days.[3]
  • RSD 2/2305.25 (25 May): Worthington decides that the mole is now no longer necessary, dispatching an assassin to eliminate him and to destroy, if possible, the entire research station. This will eliminate the possible link between BioResearch and the mole as well as set the project back for several years. A second assassin is also dispatched to kill the first operative once his mission has been accomplished.[3]
  • RSD 2/2305.28 (28 May): A tramp Federation trader run by Fester Dunton stumbles onto the Orion base. Dunton and his ship, the Goldie, are captured. Krador and Vastok start to plot more ambitious schemes.[9]
  • RSD 2/2305.30 (30 May): R'Zaad decides that he is powerful enough to unify the Orions in the Triangle as his first step in the eventual unification of the Orion race. He calls a meeting of the heads of the most influential Orion families in the Triangle. The date is set 19 days hence to give time for all to get the message, respond, and travel to the meeting.[2]


  • RSD 2/2306.15 (15 June): Krador slips mind-control drugs to the Orions and puts them under his control. He decides that the ruse they are planning to use on the approaching Romulans would be more convincing with some bodies in evidence.[9]
  • RSD 2/2306.17 (17 June): Krador leads two Orion ships to a location near the upcoming rendezvous with Romdar. He deliberately cripples one of the ships and slaughters the crew, leaving the bodies and derelict as future evidence.[9]
  • RSD 2/2306.18 (18 June): The BioResearch ship arrives in orbit around Meadow. The crew releases the dengue virus into the atmosphere.[3]
  • RSD 2/2306.19 (19 June): Krador has Vastok send a message to Romdar explaining that Krador has escaped, rescued by a Klingon assault squad that took them by surprise. As evidence, Romdar is given coordinates where the ambush took place, so that he can examine the wreckage of the Orion ship.[9]
  • RSD 2/2306.19 (19 June): At the meeting of the Orion family heads, R'Zaad explains that the old ways are a thing of the past. He states that, in the future, he will be the single spokesman for all Orions within the Triangle, but that all families are welcome to join a Senate that will ratify his actions taken. The patriarch of each family is invited to join the Senate, which will accompany R'Zaad in the flagship of the new fleet.[2]
  • RSD 2/2306.19 (Day 19): With outbreaks of dengue taking place across Meadow, Elder Brother Vran Cafri attempts to send a distress call. Transmission from the subspace radio relay satellite is jammed by the BioResearch ship, but too late to prevent all of the call for help to be transmitted. The BioResearch ship and its armed shuttlecraft shoot down all ships attempting to leave the surface, and destroy any others at Meadow's spaceport. The leader of the BioResearch team informs Cafri and the rest of the population that there will be no vaccine. He dictates that the only way for the population to save itself is to agree to sell the entire planet to BioResearch and vacate. The price offered is reasonable, considering the conditions of the sale. BioResearch even offers to help relocate the entire population.[3]
  • RSD 2/2306.21 (21 June): T'Grotius, a Romulan merchant who recently arrived in the Triangle from the Romulan Star Empire, recognizes R'thlana and remembers that she is k'manatram. True to his teachings, he ignores her, as of yet having no idea that she is actually involved in trading Romulan arms.[6]
  • RSD 2/2306.22 (22 June): Romdar arrives at the location of the Orion wreck. Though the sight is impressive, he wonders how it is that Vastok knew the exact location, and if he knew it why he did not retrieve the bodies and items of value. He commences sweeping the area, trying to locate the Orion base he knows must be nearby.[9]
  • RSD 2/2306.22 (22 June): With the contracts for the purchase of Meadow in hand, BioResearch ships are in standard orbit. Cargo shuttlecraft and transporter teams are standing by on the surface to relay the population to the waiting vessels. As each shuttle lifts into orbit, the cargo doors are opened. There are no survivors.[3]


  • RSD 2/2307.01 (1 July): The families, having no other options, agree with R'Zaad's proposals. The heads of the families are now virtual prisoners in the flagship, a situation quite acceptable to most of the Orions. R'Zaad's success cannot be denied, and most of the young members of the Orion families see R'Zaad as an acceptable leader; they are willing to follow him if he can produce success.[2]
  • RSD 2/2307.02 (2 July): Final shipment of plans for the anti-cloaking device land on Comstock and are delivered to Worthington. Parts needed to complete a copy of the new cloaking device also arrive, but when BioResearch scientists and technicians unpack them, they discover that the parts apparently have been damaged in transit. The device cannot be made operable.[3]
  • RSD 2/2307.03 (3 July): The anti-cloaking device research station in the Romulan Star Empire dissolves in a cloud of photons, taking the unfortunate BioResearch mole with it.[3]
  • RSD 2/2307.15 (15 July): Paxton III and Paxton IV square off against each other using weapons provided by Luxury Apparel. There is more noise than damage, and both forces beat a hasty retreat while they still have their pride. Both are quickly in search of heavier weapons, and Luxury Apparel is the obvious source. The only real casualty was a small trader who happened, unfortunately, into the line of fire. Rumor of the encounter will spread, naming Luxury Apparel as the source of the weapons.[6]
  • RSD 2/2307.17 (17 July): Initial construction of the DANA conversion plant begins on Meadow. All remains of the former colonists are plowed under as the construction proceeds. No effort is made to hide the ruins or destroy them; everyone knows that the inhabitants have been resettled on a different planet after the tragic outbreak of dengue.[3]
  • RSD 2/2307.23 (23 July): Rodney Maremaunt breaks into Maremaunt Corporation's research and development office and steals the plans for the FP-1 photon torpedo He does a wretched job of it, taping open doors behind him. The electrician's tape used to keep the doors open is discovered by a security guard. Rather than accost Rodney in the act, the chief of security decides to let him steal the plans, follow him, and capture the contact as well. When Rodney makes good his escape, Maremaunt Security calls in Star Fleet Intelligence.[6]
  • RSD 2/2307.27 (27 July): Star Fleet Intelligence discovers that plans for the FP-1 photon torpedo have been stolen from the Maremaunt files and picks up Rodney Maremaunt's trail. An investigation is launched into his recent activities and the possible destination for the plans.[6]
  • RSD 2/2307.28 (28 July): T'Grotius accidentally discovers that R'thlana is actually the most prosperous arms dealer in the Triangle. He learns not only that she is selling Romulan weapons he suspects are stolen, but also that she is giving away more secrets about the Romulan Star Empire than is good for his race. He begins to brood on this.[6]


  • RSD 2/2308.08 (8 August): BioResearch conducts a raid on the moon of Epiley, an independent world, wiping out the adult population, but keeping the children alive so they can be sold to the Klingons as research specimens for possible fusion experiments. The Klingon buyer is pleased with the broad cross-section of races provided. Because there are no adult survivors, there is no one to point an accusing finger at BioResearch, but just to make sure, the wreck of a Megagenics shuttlecraft is placed on the moon.[3]
  • RSD 2/2308.12 (12 August): Having gained the grudging acceptance of the Triangle's Orions, R'Zaad begins to infiltrate the Orion Triangle worlds. He is treated as a hero by many of the inhabitants who look to men of his type as the hope of the future.[2]
  • RSD 2/2308.17 (17 August): T'Grotius delivers the information he has collected on R'thlana and her dealings with Federation citizens to the Romulan consulate on Satterfeld. The consul general, Viginatum, is dismayed that an outcast is receiving stolen weapons from the Star Empire, and she is furious that these may be falling into the hands of Star Fleet Intelligence.[6]
  • RSD 2/2308.19 (19 August): The High Rider, a chartered pleasure vessel, is lost.[8]
  • RSD 2/2308.25 (25 August): Kreetan arrives at Kannaga on the Triangle border, his rendezvous point with Krador. However, Krador is nowhere in sight. Kreetan decides to wait.[9]
  • RSD 2/2308.28 (28 August): Konuu arrives at Outpost 1, near Kreetan's present location, and reunites his forces.[9]
  • RSD 2/2308.30 (30 August): No longer able to sit around, Kreetan decides to start an active search for Krador.[9]
  • RSD 2/2308.30 (30 August): BioResearch puts out the semi-annual call for volunteers to work heavy construction on Newlin II's moon.[3]


  • RSD 2/2309.02 (2 September): Viginatum calls T'Grotius into her office and tells him that an elimination must be performed for the good of the Empire, giving him the impression that it is his duty to carry out the act. T'Grotius agrees.[6]
  • RSD 2/2309.03 (3 September): Krador simultaneously learns that Romdar is not giving up and returning home, that Kreetan has arrived in the Triangle (an event that he had entirely forgotten had been arranged), and that Kreetan was trailed by a force of Klingons. Krador concludes that Kreetan is bad medicine right now and that he had better avoid contacting his uncle. He decides to wait and see what happens.[9]
  • RSD 2/2309.11 (11 September): The first test of the cloaking device constructed from the refurbished damaged parts is conducted by Bioresearch. The vessel fades from view, but there is some doubt about whether or not the ship was cloaked as well as it would normally be.[3]
  • RSD 2/2309.13 (13 September): Rodney Maremaunt appears at the Luxury Apparel home office with the plans for the FP-1 photon torpedo. He receives the incriminating documents and cash as payment. Floont Artney convinces him that now that he is a confirmed thief, he should steal plans for more advanced weapons. After much discussion about the payment for this theft, Rodney agrees.[6]
  • RSD 2/2309.14 (14 September): Rodney departs for Maremaunt Corporation headquarters. R'thlana sends a copy of the plans to the Romulan embassy on Satterfeld, "from a friend." She sets out for Geisling with a small fleet of Luxury Apparel freighters, where she plans to set up a production line for the torpedoes. Floont puts out a hiring call for weapons technicians. For the next 20 days, weapons technicians are seen about the Luxury Apparel offices throughout the Triangle; the best of these begin to make their way to Geisling.[6]
  • RSD 2/2309.17 (17 September): R'thlana's fleet is attacked by an Orion pirate, who is unceremoniously drubbed. Only the Orion pirate chief's vessel is unscathed. He puts out the word that Luxury Apparel freighters are heavily armed.[6]
  • RSD 2/2309.25 (25 September): Kreetan has a brush with one of Konuu's frigates. Realizing he is being tailed, he engages the frigate and destroys it before it can send a message. Kreetan than initiates some random navigating in order to throw off any pursuit.[9]
  • RSD 2/2309.27 (27 September): The U.S.S. Albert NIA-1210 arrives at Starbase 27 and is reassigned to investigate starship disappearances taking place near the Selka system.[8]
  • RSD 2/2309.28 (28 September): R'thlana arrives on Geisling with her small freighter fleet, which offloads into the Luxury Apparel warehouse. She immediately begins to set up the warehouse as an arms factory, purchasing only a small amount of the needed supplies locally. Her presence is noticed, and her activities are watched quietly by the planet's information brokers.[6]
  • RSD 2/2309.28 (28 September): Joshua Scott sends a complete report to Star Fleet Command. The risk of getting the message out is extreme, and even Scott's precautions are not enough. To make sure that Star Fleet receives his warning about R'Zaad, Scott sends Apterix to the nearest Star Fleet ship.[2]
  • RSD 2/2309.30 (30 September): A team of technicians begins to build a torpedo and launch system at the Luxury Apparel warehouse.[6]


  • RSD 2/2310.04 (4 October): R'thlana, surrounded by security teams, begins a much needed, two-day vacation on one of the deserted beaches of Satterfeld. T'Grotius, however, has discovered her plans. Though he must attack from long range, he tries to kill R'thlana with a disruptor rifle. The range proves to be too great to do more than stun her, but the shot is powerful enough to kill her child. News of the attack will filter through the Triangle underground.[6]
  • RSD 2/2310.05 (5 October): The children taken from Epiley's moon are shipped aboard a freighter bound for Klingon space. The freighter, her cargo manifest showing food and engineering parts, will enter Klingon space on Reference Stardate 2/2311.22 unless otherwise impeded.[3]
  • RSD 2/2310.06 (6 October): R'thlana is not upset by the death of her child, which was, after all, defective and merely a prop. After giving it thought, however, she is worried that someone would try to kill her. She suspects that it is another arms dealer, never thinking that it might be a Romulan. She decides to reduce the competition.[6]
  • RSD 2/2310.12 (12 October): Joshua Scott is apprehended by members of R'Zaad's security force. Scott is too tough and determined to tell much, even under extreme methods of interrogation.[2]
  • RSD 2/2310.12 (12 October): The DANA conversion plant begins operations on Meadow. The first run is quite small to test the facility. It will be 180 days before full production can be attempted. The first DANA should be available within 30 days.[3]
  • RSD 2/2310.15 (15 October): After three days of intensive questioning, Joshua Scott dies. His body is disposed of in such a way that no evidence of his apprehension or interrogation can be found.[2]
  • RSD 2/2310.17 (17 October): Chief Executive Trellg and War Council Chairman Relesky are notified that a new weapon will be available soon from Luxury Apparel for a very high price. Security leaks on their planets spread the word.[6]
  • RSD 2/2310.19 (19 October): Trellg of Paxton III offers to buy the weapon immediately, regardless of price. Though further testing is needed, the offer is accepted.[6]
  • RSD 2/2310.20 (20 October): Having no luck locating the Orion base, Romdar conducts a systematic planet-by-planet search. He is not terribly gentle in his interrogations, nor does he let anyone know exactly what he seeks.[9]
  • RSD 2/2310.22 (22 October): Simultaneously on many planets throughout the Triangle, Luxury Apparel operatives sweep through the warehouses of other illicit arms dealers, warning those who will listen and eliminating those who will not. The message is simple: stay out of the way of Luxury Apparel or face the consequences. The word of this activity spreads far and wide.[6]
  • RSD 2/2310.27 (27 October): BioResearch salesmen, very quietly and in person, begin to pass the word to smugglers suspected of dealing in the Romulan Star Empire that the corporation will have an anti-cloaking device for sale. The response is enthusiastic, if somewhat skeptical. Most of the buyers want a demonstration. Romulan security agents in the Triangle notify the Romulan High Command that an anti-cloaking device may for sale within the Triangle. The message is encoded and sent via subspace radio.[3]
  • RSD 2/2310.30 (30 October): S'dran S'coolnik notifies Triangle Sector Intelligence that an anti-cloaking device may be for sale in the Triangle.[3]


  • RSD 2/2311.01 (1 November): Apterix returns to the area in search of Joshua Scott. He learns from one of his many contacts that Scott has been apprehended by Orions loyal to R'Zaad, and that he has not been seen since. Apterix has no illusions about the fate of his friend, and he determines to take the fate of R'Zaad into his own hands.[2]
  • RSD 2/2311.01 (1 November): Klingon security agents notify Starbase 1 Security that an anti-cloaking device may be for sale by civilians.[3]
  • RSD 2/2311.03 (3 November): Paxton III accepts delivery of a FP-1 photon torpedo system already installed in one of their cruisers. The ship departs and immediately engages a starship from Paxton IV. The launching ship is destroyed in the attack, due to internal failure in the targeting system, but the target vessel is eliminated as well.[6]
  • RSD 2/2311.05 (5 November): Krador decides that the time is ripe to stir things up between the Romulans and the Federation. He programs the old tramp freighter Goldie to intercept the Romulan squadron. It is set to self-destruct when it is near the Romulan vessels, causing a massive secondary explosion because of the cargo of munitions that Krador had jammed into the hold. The incident will, he hopes, cause the Romulans to drop their interest in Krador and spur some retaliation against the Federation.[9]
  • RSD 2/2311.05 (5 November): After hearing about the confrontation with Paxton IV, Chief Executive Trellg considers the test a rousing success, freely boasting about the destruction of the starship while squelching rumors about damage done to his own equipment. He immediately orders more photon torpedoes, demanding, not surprisingly, a reduction in the price. Floont, while not conceding that the self-destruction was in any way Luxury Apparel's fault, agrees to the lower prices.[6]
  • RSD 2/2311.06 (6 November): The freighter Goldie intercepts the Romulan squadron, but Romdar smells a trap. He has one of his ships, the Claw, shoot to cripple the freighter, but the shot trips the detonators in the hold. The Claw receives superficial damage. Despite appearances, Romdar concludes that somehow, Krador was behind the incident. The search continues.[9]
  • RSD 2/2311.10 (10 November): Krador releases the thoroughly drugged and brainwashed Fester Dunton in a lifeboat meant to get Dunton to someplace where he can spread a tale of death, destruction, and torture at the hands of the Romulans. Unless intercepted, Dunton will arrive at Wall, inside the Federation border, on Reference Stardate 2/2312.30.[9]
  • RSD 2/2311.10 (10 November): First production of the test batch of DANA is complete.[3]
  • RSD 2/2311.13 (13 November): The news that Paxton III has a new weapon of awesome power has spread quickly throughout the Baker's Dozen and elsewhere in the Triangle. The other planetary executives turn to R'thlana for equalizing hardware. Even the Romulan representatives in the Triangle are interested, and consul Viginatum is ordered to purchase the new weapons for the Romulan Star Empire itself. Viginatum, dismayed at the prospect of having to deal with a k'manatram, protests strongly and is told to deal with Floont.[6]
  • RSD 2/2311.26 (26 November): The sales of the FP-1 torpedo are better than expected, and demand has been so great that Luxury Apparel has not had time to complete thorough testing, but the buyers do not seem to care whether or not the torpedoes have been tested. With business brisk, Luxury Apparel is turning huge profits. Three additional warehouses have been purchased, and torpedo production on Geisling is now highly visible, particularly in view of the enormous influx of capital it has brought. Deliveries no longer are made in secret, and the warships of half a dozen worlds may be found in orbit near Luxury Apparel's newly purchased repair facility. Floont basks visibly in the affluence.[6]
  • RSD 2/2311.30 (30 November): Star Fleet Intelligence directs S'coolnik and his cell to uncover the cloaking device as their top priority. From this time forward, S'coolnik briefs Star Fleet Intelligence regularly about BioResearch activities within the Triangle.[3]


  • RSD 2/2312: Star Fleet Command's U.S.S. Proxima NX-2001, the second Excelsior Mk I class battleship, is completed and begins trials. It is slated to be commissioned sometime in early 2224.[4]
  • RSD 2/2312.03 (3 December): The Klingon High Command queries the Romulan High Command about the anti-cloaking device for sale from a civilian source.[3]
  • RSD 2/2312.04 (4 December): Apterix makes an attempt on the life of R'Zaad. Firing from long range, Apterix tries to hit R'Zaad as he boards one of his cruisers on an inspection tour. The range is too great, and although the shot hit R'Zaad directly, he is only momentarily stunned, and recovers with no outward signs of the attack. He is, however, badly shaken by the incident, and he orders that security measures around him become more intensive.[2]
  • RSD 2/2312.04 (4 December): Romulan High Command responds to the report on the anti-cloaking device. The feeling at headquarters is that the rumors are bogus because all the prototypes and data were destroyed in the explosion at the research building. However, because the reported purveyors of the anti-cloaking device are obviously up to something, they should be watched.[3]
  • RSD 2/2312.05 (5 December): Romdar's squadron and Konuu's forces encounter each other near Lanroche VIII. They have a tense conference, wherein each tries to get information from the other while not giving away any themselves. The exchange of useful information amounts to zero. Locals in the area witness the conference and conclude that the Romulans and Klingons are joining forces in the Triangle, probably in order to split the territory and cut out the Federation and local residents. Rumors begin to fly.[9]
  • RSD 2/2312.10 (10 December): Business takes a nose dive for Luxury Apparel. The high initial demand for the FP-1 torpedo has vanished as the market became flooded. Floont and R'thlana meet to discuss the possibilities for future sales and profits. Floont is adamant about having more and better weapons to keep business high. R'thlana, on the other hand, does not see her purpose for being in the Triangle as having been accomplished. Floont leaves, determined to push Rodney Maremaunt for more information.[6]
  • RSD 2/2312.10 (10 December): Romulan security agents begin loose surveillance of the BioResearch facilities.[3]
  • RSD 2/2312.15 (15 December): By a freakish turn of events, Vastok manages to shake off the mind-control drug. Realizing what has occurred and knowing that Krador deliberately killed many of his relatives, friends, and employees, Vastok decides that he is going to have to kill Krador. He knows, however, that this will do him no good if he is attacked by one of the other drugged Orions afterward, and so he begins secretly to free other Orions from the drug's influence.[9]
  • RSD 2/2312.15 (15 December): Spurred on by contact with Floont, Rodney spends the next several days studying the Maremaunt Corporation's new security system.[6]
  • RSD 2/2312.18 (18 December): Rodney breaks into the Maremaunt research office. Having little knowledge of the developments currently in the design stage, he photographs anything that looks special and unusual. Instead of photographing weapons, Rodney actually steals the plans for an electronic toy.[6]
  • RSD 2/2312.20 (20 December): A strong movement begins in the Orion homeworlds that is blatantly racial, both anti-Federation and anti-Klingon. R'Zaad claims to have no influence on the movement, though he is financing it from his profits. Triangle Orions either support the movement or are silent on its future.[2]
  • RSD 2/2312.25 (25 December): R'thlana makes contact with Landasor Wenkion, a known Star Fleet Intelligence agent within the Triangle. Without telling him that she knows what he is, R'thlana makes contact and becomes friendly. For the duration of her life in the Triangle, these two will meet on a regular, semi-weekly basis. At these meetings, R'thlana will treat her new friend as a sounding board, pouring out her "feelings and frustrations" about being a Romulan outcast. She will pass on disinformation, as planned by Decartus.[6]
  • RSD 2/2312.25 (25 December): The Romulan High Command responds to the Klingon query about the anti-cloaking device by stating that it is obviously a hoax. The message states that research the Romulans are doing has led to a dead end, and there is no chance that a civilian model exists. There is some, although small, possibility that a cloaking device might be available, as one was lost in the past.[3]
  • RSD 2/2312.30 (30 December): Kreetan has another brush with one of Konuu's ships. He does not win quite as handily this time, and his D-7M takes considerable damage. Furthermore, he was not able to keep the opposing ship from sending a message. Realizing just how grim things are starting to become, Kreetan limps off toward Freeloader with his damaged ship, looking for someplace to affect repairs.[9]

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