2387 (STO)

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STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

  • The Daystrom Institute announces the successful launch of the Jellyfish, an experimental spacecraft equipped with trans-metaphasic shielding designed to withstand conditions that would destroy most other ships. Designed by famed engineer Geordi La Forge, the ship is slated for extensive testing before it can be used for scientific and exploration missions. Starfleet announces that it is working with La Forge and the institute to determine if any of the ship's systems can be adapted for Federation use. (Star Trek Online)
  • Starfleet Intelligence recommends that the Federation keep a close eye on activities of the Orion Syndicate. A multi-year crackdown on criminal activity in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants is successful in curbing the threat of the Syndicate for Federation citizens, but on Stardate 64163.8 Hassan the Undying assassinates top Syndicate boss Raimus on Farius Prime. Raimus's death opens the door for Hassan's employer, Melani D'ian, to take over Raimus's Syndicate operations. Starfleet Intelligence estimates that after the assassination, Melani D'ian controls as much as 30 percent of the Syndicate's operations. It is feared that other Syndicate bosses will attempt to topple her before she can extend her power base further, sparking a criminal war in the Alpha Quadrant. Historians note that Melani D'ian is the first Orion to rise to a top spot in Syndicate leadership in more than 20 years, and speculate that this could mark the return of the Orions as an interstellar power. (Star Trek Online)
  • On Ferenginar, social and economic reforms pushed by Grand Nagus Rom are a topic almost as important as the stock market. The Nagus presents a bill to the Economic Congress of Ferengi Advisers that would formally ally the Ferengi with the Federation. Opponents of the bill launch a campaign of advertisements that argue that a formal alliance with the Federation is an attack on traditional Ferengi values, and that the Federation will force the Ferengi to turn back on profit and the Great Material Continuum. The bill fails to pass the Congress after several lawmakers are paid to vote against it. (Star Trek Online)
  • Starfleet sends a battle group to Cardassia Prime to assist the Cardassians with the dismantling of their military, a process which is expected to take several years. The Cardassians plan to use a much smaller self defense force to patrol their space, and to coordinate with Starfleet for issues outside of their borders. The arrangement is soon tested when Alpha Jem'Hadar take control of Devos II, which had been mostly unpopulated since the Dominion War. The Jem'Hadar establish a base of operations near a former Dominion ketracel white storage facility, and then expand the facility so they can manufacture their own supplies of the substance. Starfleet sends the U.S.S. Stargazer NCC-2893-A to the Devos system as a precautionary measure, but chooses to take no additional action as long as the Alpha Jem'Hadar don't make any further aggressive moves. (Star Trek Online)
Hobus supernova (ST IDW CD 1)

Hobus supernova (ST IDW CD 1)

  • On Stardate 64333.4, a Romulan Mining Guild ship, the Narada, observes the start of a chain of events that will forever change the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. The star in the Hobus system, in the far reaches of Romulan space, begins to exhibit massive fluctuations in radiation output. Days later, Ambassador Spock of the Federation appears before the Romulan Senate to warn them about the dangers of this star. Spock believes that if the Hobus star were to go supernova, it would create a reaction that could threaten much of the Romulan Empire. He asks the Senate to coordinate with Vulcan to find a solution. After a lengthy debate, the Senate rejects Spock's plan. (Countdown, Part I, Star Trek Online)
Spock (ST 11)

Spock (ST 11)

  • After the close of the Romulan Senate's session, Donatra accepts an invitation from Colonel Xiomek to visit Crateris and inspect the construction of the new Reman colony. Their flight path allows them to perform a sensor sweep of the Hobus system. After arriving on Crateris, Donatra and Xiomek spend several hours in a private meeting, where it is believed that Xiomek gives Donatra information about possible rogue elements within the Romulan military and government. Donatra decides to return to Romulus earlier than planned, and invites Xiomek to take passage on her ship, the I.R.W. Valdore, so he can be in Ki Baratan for the next meeting of the Romulan Senate, which will once again take up the Hobus situation. On the way back to Romulus, Donatra contacts Admiral Taris, who is in the Levaeri system, and orders her to return to Romulus. The message is recorded by Romulan military communications relay stations, but Taris does not change course. A later review finds that there is no evidence of the message in the computer banks of Taris's ship, and that the communications officer who would have been on duty during that time cannot be found. (Star Trek Online)
  • On Stardate 64444.5, the I.R.W. Valdore reports unusual stellar activity, including a disturbance equivalent to a force seven ion storm. Romulus loses contact with Donatra's ship after the transmission, and dispatches four D'deridac class vessels to search for the Valdore. The Romulan Senate finally authorizes an evacuation order after the loss of the Valdore, and ships are recalled to help ferry residents of Romulus off-world. At that time, the Romulan military estimates that it will take a minimum of six weeks to evacuate the homeworld. Twenty-seven hours later, the Hobus star goes supernova. The resulting chain reaction destroys Romulus and Remus. Billions of Romulans are killed. (Star Trek Online, Countdown, Part III, Star Trek)
  • At the request of Spock and Jean-Luc Picard, Geordi La Forge brings the Jellyfish to Vulcan and agrees to allow Spock to pilot it to the Hobus system. Spock outfits the ship with a Red Matter converter and departs. According to sensor reports recorded on Stardate 64471.6 by the Enterprise-E, the Hobus supernova is contained by a limited singularity, ending the threat to the quadrant. Starfleet believes that Spock detonated the Red Matter in the rupture caused by the singularity, closing it with an artificially created black hole. It reports that both the Jellyfish and the Narada were lost in the event. "He sacrificed himself to save us all," Ambassador Picard said of his friend Spock. "May his soul live long and prosper." (Star Trek, Countdown, Part IV, Star Trek Online)