Adrift (STA)

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Series Star Trek Adventures
Captain's Log
Stardate 5428.3: The Lexington is en route to Dourap IV, near the Klingon border. Velkath, the Tellarite colony there, has had an outbreak of d'kar fever, a highly contagious viral infection. The disease is still in its early phases, and no fatalities have been reported. We have been tasked by Starbase 24 to transport an emergency medical team and their supplies to the colony, and provide any assistance they might need. We are traveling at warp factor six; our ETA is approximately eighteen hours.

While traveling at high warp speed, the ship encounters a subspace anomaly which disables their warp drive, and leaves several other major systems compromised. It also leaves the ship drifting at high sub-light speed toward the border between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. To complicate things, some of the medical supplies are also damaged; the ship's medical staff will need to synthesize more once the ship is repaired.

Once the crew has recovered from the mishap, they must assess the damage to the ship, determine the cause of their misfortune, and effect repairs. They’re still drifting toward the Klingon border, and several D-7 class battle cruisers have begun to assemble there, waiting for the moment when the Federation vessel violates their space.

To make matters worse, it's discovered that their situation was no accident; it was deliberate sabotage. Now the crew not only has to repair the damage and get out of there before they drift over the border and find themselves at the mercy of the Klingons, but they also have to find and contend with the saboteur. Then they need to get to Dourap IV to stop the plague there.


Patrick Goodman