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UFP Historical Society
Coordinates 86.8, -67.4, -31.7[1]
Astrometrics Quadrant I (UFP),[2] Beta Cygni VI[1]
Planetary Gravity 0.85g[2]
Diameter 17,000km[2]
Equatorial Circumference 52,000km[2]
Surface Area 620 million km²[2]
Land Area 248 million km²[2]
Hydrosphere 60%[2]
Rotational Period 25 hours[2]

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The second planet of six in the Beta Cygni system (also known as Cygnia Minor), Albireo was Class M and the site of a Federation colony established circa 2195.[1] By Reference Stardate 2/2306 (June 2223), Albireo was a full member of the Federation.[2] The system was a trinary, and though Albireo orbited the yellow giant primary, the system's white dwarf proved to be a variable star with a period of 27 years, causing planet-wide famine during the episodes of high radiation until synthetic foods were developed that could withstand these periodic episodes.[1] Once food productivity had increased, Albireo began to export their synthetic foodstuffs, which eventually became the principal economic staple of the planet.[2]

In the early 23rd Century, the population of Albireo was 125,000.[1] By Reference Stardate 2/2306 (June 2223), it had exploded to 6.5 billion, mostly Humans. The planet's major concerns included agriculture and industry, and it was noted for its beautiful aurora displays at the end of each winter season, which drew tourists from across the Federation.[2]

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