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Myriad Universes: Alfa 177
Alfa 177
Alfa 177 (TOS 04)

Alfa 177 (TOS 04)
Coordinates -36.3, -52.6, -56.7[1]
Astrometrics Alpha Honorus[2] II[1]
Affiliation Associate Member, United Federation of Planets[2]
Class M[1]
Satellites 1[2]
Planetary Gravity 0.95g[2]
Diameter 17,500km[2][3]
Equatorial Circumference 48,000km[2]
Surface Area 480,000,000km²[2]
Land Area 432,000,000km²[2]
Hydrosphere 10%[2]
Rotational Period 37 hours[2]
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Marginally a Class M planet,[1] Alfa 177 was the second planet orbiting a white dwarf star[1] in Quadrant IV of the United Federation of Planets.[2] The planet was explored by the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 on Stardate 1672.1. A yellow magnetic ore was discovered that caused a malfunction in the ship's transporter, and duplicated an Alfa 177 canine and Captain Kirk.[4]

Surface of Alfa 177 (TOS 04)

Surface of Alfa 177 (TOS 04)

Due to the transporter malfunction, a landing party led by Lieutenant Sulu was stranded on the planet's surface. Repairing the transporter became a race against time, as surface temperatures dropped to 120 degrees below zero at night.[4]

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