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Myriad Universes: Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri
Map of Alpha Centauri (WoF) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)

Map of Alpha Centauri (WoF) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)
Coordinates 24.6, 62.5, -1.0[1]
Astrometrics Quadrant I (UFP),[2] Alpha Centauri AB VII[1]
Satellites 2[2]
Planetary Gravity 0.86g[2]
Diameter 18,000km[2]
Equatorial Circumference 22,000km[2]
Surface Area 425 million km²[2]
Land Area 127.5 million km²[2]
Hydrosphere 70%[2]
Rotational Period 25 hours[2]
Affiliation Founding member,[1] United Federation of Planets[3]

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The seventh planet orbiting Alpha Centauri AB, the world known simply as Alpha Centauri was a Class M planet, and was home to an indigenous humanoid civilization[1] when it was contacted by the U.N.S.S. Icarus in 2048.[2] The Icarus, commanded by Captain Roger Tauber, was met in orbit by a Centauran vessel. Both parties were open and friendly, and an immediate cultural exchange began.[4]

I've just spent the two most exciting days of my scientific life talking with the Alpha Centauran physicist Zefram Cochrane. Of course, since neither speaks the other's tongue, we've relied almost exclusively on the language of mathematics. ... Using a math I can still only barely comprehend, he's shown that space can be visualized as moving along the curved wave of time ... if this is so, men will be able to transcend the speed of light."
From the log of Lieutenant Commander Frank Jocasta, Science Officer, U.N.S.S. Icarus[4]

Alpha Centauri was a classic Class M world, nearly identical in mass and climate to Earth. Nine years before the Icarus made First Contact with the Centaurans, the starliner Enterprise first detected evidence, in the form of radio signals, that intelligent life may have existed in the Alpha Centauri system.[4] It was later postulated that the inhabitants of Alpha Centauri may have been descended from ancient Greeks transplanted to the planet from Earth by the Preservers[1] some time around the third century B.C.E., though this was never proven.[2] Alpha Centauri was the home of Zefram Cochrane, the inventor of warp drive,[3] and was one of the five founding member worlds of the United Federation of Planets[1] in 2087.[2]

By 2223, the planet was home to 20 billion of the system's population of 21.5 billion. It ranked as one of the major cultural and scientific centers in the Federation, second only to Earth. The discovery of warp drive by Cochrane made deep space exploration possible for future Federation explorers, and Cochrane Industries delivered the first warp drive prototype, the WD-1, in 2055;[2] this small craft propelled Rosy the chimpanzee at warp 1.5 during a successful controlled experiment.[5] The Delthara University Complex, located on the northern continent, was one of the premier institutes of higher learning in the Federation.[4] By Reference Stardate 2/2306 (June 2223), shipyard facilities at Alpha Centauri produced an average of 13 cutters, 2 monitors, 40 warp shuttles and courier ships, and 236 civilian and commercial vessels.[2] As one of the founding members of the Federation,[1] Alpha Centauri had a permanent seat on the Federation Council.[2]

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