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Myriad Universes: Alpha III
Alpha III
Map of Alpha III (WoF) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)

Map of Alpha III (WoF) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)
Coordinates 28.5, 52.8, 19.0[1]
Astrometrics Quadrant I (UFP), Alpha Canaris[2] III[3]
Satellites 4[2]
Planetary Gravity 1.2g[2]
Diameter 10,200km[2]
Equatorial Circumference 36,800km[2]
Surface Area 370 million km²[2]
Land Area 148 million km²[2]
Hydrosphere 60%[2]
Rotational Period 22 hours[2]
Notable Species Humans (6.56 billion)[2]

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Colonized in the 22nd century as Terra Four,[1] Alpha III became one of the major cultural and administrative centers of the United Federation of Planets,[2] and was perhaps best known as the birthplace of the Statutes of Alpha III, which were considered one of the most important political documents[4] since the Fundamental Declaration of the Martian Colonies, and provided for an independent star system modeled loosely after Plato's "Republic,"[1] and served as a model for other political systems,[2] as well as set major precedents in interstellar law throughout the Federation.[3] Alpha III is a Federation Member, and in the early 23rd century was one of the seven members of the Federation Security Council.[1]

Alpha III was a Class L world, rather Earth-like but geologically inactive. The initial settlers found the planet to have no native civilization, but later excavations revealed that an intelligent race had died out thousands of years earlier. That race had called their world Kericindal, and, despite the fact that they were technologically advance, they never left their planet to explore space. The dominant species found on Alpha III by the first settlers was a reptilian biped of limited intelligence. These creatures were quite docile, and they quickly developed attachments and exhibited loyalty to individual people, which made them popular as pets.[3]

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