Alpha Proxima II (FASA)

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Alpha Proxima II
Coordinates (142.4, -99.1, 42.1)[1]
Astrometrics Quadrant IV (UFP),[2] Dnoces[2] II[1]
Class M[1]
Satellites 7[2]
Gravity 1.1g[2]
Diameter 21,000km[2]
Equatorial Circumference 53,000km[2]
Surface Area 520 million km²[2]
Land Area 312 million km²[2]
Hydrosphere 40%
Rotational Period 27 hours[2]
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

One of the first extra-solar colonies established, Alpha Proxima II was the second planet of twelve orbiting a yellow star. The port city of Heliopolis had a population in excess of 3 million in the early 23rd century, and the planet had a total population of almost 12 million. Major industries included mining and farming, as well as sea-farming in the planet's major oceans.[1] Alpha Proxima II claimed one of the largest seafarming concerns in the Federation, with more than 180,000 square kilometers used for off-shore foodstuffs production.[2]

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