Altair system (FASA)

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Myriad Universes: Altair system
Altair system
Coordinates 27.9, 59.8, 2.5[1]
Astrometrics Quadrant II (UFP)[2]
Stellar Class F-Type[1]
Planets  • Altair IV (Class M)[1]
 • Altair VI[3] (Class M)[1]

Affiliation United Federation of Planets[2]

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Altair, also known as Alpha Aquilae, was a white star orbited by eight planets, two of which were Class M and inhabited by a native humanoid population, which was rated H on the Richter Scale of Cultures, as they possessed advanced technology and spaceflight capability.[1]

Altair VI's colony world, Altair IV, declared itself independent in the early 23rd century,[2] sparking a brief but inconclusive interplanetary conflict[3] that was terminated by Federation peace-keeping forces. Following the war, the government on Altair VI continued to govern both worlds, while a Federation diplomatic team attempted to negotiate a resolution to the political crisis.[2] In 2209, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 was scheduled to attend the inauguration of the president of Altair VI.[3]

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