Asarem Wadeen

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Asarem Wadeen
Species Bajoran
Sex Female

Immediately after the end of the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor, the provisional government appointed Asarem Wadeen to serve as second minister, a position she held for more than five years; Asarem replaced Shakaar Edon as first minister upon his assassination in 2376. During the regular election cycle soon afterward, Asarem was elected to her first full term, then went on to garner an impressive 67% of the vote to win a second sextennial term in 2382. A year later, following the destruction of Deep Space 9, Asarem personally briefed Captain Ro Laren on the conversion of the disused Wyntara Mas Control Center as a temporary, planet-based replacement for the station while construction commenced on a replacement spaceborne facility. Asarem had long black hair and a sienna complexion, and stood more than a dozen centimeters shorter than Captain Ro.[1]

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