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Myriad Universes: Axanar
Axanar (FASA 2218) (Colorized; Original B&W File)

Axanar (FASA 2218) (Colorized; Original B&W File)
Coordinates -51.5, 5.2, -8.1
Astrometrics Delta Orcus[1] I[2]
Affiliation Protectorate, United Federation of Planets[1]
Satellites 0[1]
Gravity 1.12g[1]
Diameter 14,330km[1]
Equatorial Circumference 50,420km[1]
Surface Area 545,124,000km²[1]
Land Area 70,963,000km²[1]
Hydrosphere 89%[1]
Rotational Period 27 hours[1]
Axanar surface (FASA 2218A)

Axanar surface (FASA 2218A)

The first planet of three orbiting a yellow dwarf[2] in Quadrant IV of the United Federation of Planets,[1] Axanar supported a primitive native population of 150 million people, rated D on the Richter Scale of Culture, which allied itself with the Klingon Empire during the Four Years War.[2] Efforts by the Klingons to construct a naval base on Axanar resulted in a famous blockade of the system by Captain Garth of Izar on Reference Stardate 1/9408 (August 2194).[3] Later, the Axanar Peace Mission established the current Federation-Klingon border, and ensured the neutrality of Axanar,[2] which became a Federation Protectorate, and as of Reference Stardate 2/2306.01 (1 June 2223), still maintained a Cultural Observation Mission to mend the harm caused to the Axanari by the Klingons.[1]

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