Battle of Cheron (FASA)

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Myriad Universes: Battle of Cheron
Battle of Cheron
Date RSD 1/0905.01

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On Reference Stardate 1/0905.01 (1 May 2109), the Battle of Cheron was fought in Romulan space between two squadrons of Federation ships and remnants of four Romulan groups. After "five stardates of continuous conflict," the battle ended inconclusively when neither side had any combat-capable ships remaining. Admiral Alex Hamilton, commanding the Federation Strike Force from the Marshall class U.S.S. Hannibal, however, declared that the Battle of Cheron was "the final and decisive engagement" of the Romulan War. The battle marked the Federation's last opportunity to organize a fleet strong enough to reach the supposed location of the Romulan homeworld. It was nevertheless considered a victory, as the Romulans lost more ships than the Federation did.[1][2]

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