Beta Cygni system (FASA)

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Beta Cygni system
Coordinates 86.8, -67.4, -31.7[1]
Astrometrics Quadrant I (UFP),[2]

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Beta Cygni, also known as Cygnia Minor, was a trinary system. Beta Cygni A was a yellow giant star, which was orbited by six planets and its two companion stars. The second planet, Albireo, was Class M, and supported a Human colony that was established in 2195.[1] By 2223, it had grown to a population of 6.5 billion and had become a full member of the United Federation of Planets.[2]

Beta Cygni B was a moderate blue star, and Beta Cygni C was a white dwarf. Beta Cygni C proved to be a variable star with a period of 27 years, causing planet-wide famine during the episodes of high radiation until synthetic foods were developed that could withstand these periodic episodes.[1]

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