Beta Fornacis III (STO)

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Beta Fornacis III
Beta Fornacis III (STO: "Painful Omens")

Beta Fornacis III (STO: "Painful Omens")
Astrometrics Beta Quadrant, Orion Sector, Beta Fornacis system
Affiliation UFP
Planetary Class K
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

Beta Fornacis III was an unremarkable Class K planet. Deep Space K-13 was constructed in orbit of the planet in early 2270, in response to elevated Orion Syndicate activity in the Orion Sector. Several months later, however, the station was overrun by neural parasites of the same species as those that attacked Deneva in 2267. Na'kuhl agents from the future attacked the station and attempted to capture some of the parasites for their own purposes. The Na'kuhl were defeated by the U.S.S. Pioneer NCC-1500, the U.S.S. Ptolemy, the U.S.S. Myrmidon, and an unnamed Pioneer class ship, but a temporal rift was accidentally created during the fighting, and the station was pulled through, vanishing from the system to an unknown point in spacetime.[1]

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