Brott, Danna (STO)

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Danna Brott
Danna Brott (STO: "Stranded in Space")

Danna Brott (STO: "Stranded in Space")
Species Bolian
Sex Female
Portrayed by Unknown (Voice)

Danna Brott was the captain of the civilian transport ship S.S. Azura. According to Lieutenant Malcolm Sissel, she was "an experienced captain and the daughter of a former Starfleet officer." When her ship went out of contact for more than twenty hours in early 2409, Sissel noted that it was unusual for her, and a search and rescue operation was mounted. The Starfleet ship sent on the search soon found that the Azura had come under attack by Orion Syndicate raiders on the other side of the Vulcan Sector from Earth. The Starfleet ship fought off the pirates, but significant damage had been done to the Azura, and the warp core was already approaching critical levels with ejection systems not responding. The crew was evacuated to the Starfleet ship before the warp core detonated.[1] Brott was grateful to the Starfleet crew for their timely rescue, and offered to buy a round of drinks at Earth Spacedock's Club 47. She also gave them a communications code that they could use to call upon one of her ships, the S.S. Azura II, any time that they needed.[2]

Notes and References

  1. The mission "Stranded in Space" was originally written so that the Azura was destroyed from the damage to the ship's warp core. A later remastering of the mission added career-specific goals that could be achieved, including an option for Engineering captains to stabilize the warp core with a forcefield. While this saved the ship for any Engineering captain who completes this optional objective, the rest of the mission dialogue nevertheless assumes the ship is either destroyed or so heavily damaged that it is decommissioned after it limps its way back to Earth Spacedock. The Azura II unlock remained unchanged regardless of mission outcome.
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