Buffalo Hunter class (SFC)

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Buffalo Hunter class
Commissioned 2284
SFC Timeline
(Starfleet Command Games)

The Hydran Kingdoms' Buffalo Hunter class (DWF) war destroyer was commissioned circa 2284, and was a variant of the Hunter class frigate. Due to shipyard delays, the first prototypes appeared long before production began. The Hydrans regarded war destroyers as replacements for their frigates, but had stopped building true destroyers. The Buffalo Hunter class featured a crew complement of 200, a capacity of three shuttlecraft, and was equipped with three science labs, two transporters, and two tractor beam emitters. The class carried a single squadron of two Stinger class fighters, and was armed with three fusion beam emitters, two banks of Type-1 phasers, two banks of Type-2 phasers, and two banks of Type-G Gatling phasers.[1]

Buffalo Hunter class vessels

SFC Timeline

H.M.S. Juxirr  • H.M.S. Uhla  • H.M.S. Vorlan  • H.M.S. Wehalk  • H.M.S. Yssiss

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