Choose Your Pain (Episode)

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Choose Your Pain
Series Star Trek: Discovery
Season 1
Episode 5
Production Number 05

Previous The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry (DSC04)
Next Lethe (DSC06)
Released 15 Oct 2017
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

Stardate Unknown: While on a mission, Lorca unexpectedly finds himself a prisoner of war, and in the company of Starfleet Lieutenant Ash Tyler and notorious intergalactic criminal Harry Mudd. Burnham voices her concerns about the repercussions of the spore drive jumps on "Ripper".

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Astrometrics Acamar; Adelphous; Antares Minor; Benzar; Carraya; Corvan II; Deep Space Station K-7; Jefferson, Iowa; Khitomer; Mempa system; Morska system; Ophiucus system; Qo'noS; Rura Penthe; Starbase 157; Starbase 343
Chronology 15 January 2257
Education Daystrom Institute; doctor; Starfleet Academy
Food fortune cookie; mushrooms
People Airiam; April, Robert; Archer, Jonathan; Burnham, Michael; Connors; Cornwell, Katrina; Culber, Hugh; Decker, Matthew; Detmer, Keyla; Georgiou, Philippa; L'Rell; Lorca, Gabriel; Lorca, Gabriel (Mirror); Maranville, Steven; Mudd, Harry; Mudd, Stella; Owosekun, Joann; Pike, Christopher; Rhys, Gen; Richter, Milton; Ripper; Saru; Stamets, Paul; Stuart; Terral; Tilly, Sylvia; Tyler, Ash; Tyler, Ash (Klingon)
Politics Battle of the Binary Stars; House Mo'Kai; Klingon Empire; Klingon Houses; Klingon War (23rd Century); Romulan Star Empire; Starfleet; Starfleet Ranks; Starfleet Regulation 13982; United Federation of Planets
Science & Technology astromycology; AU; bearing; biobed; brak'lul; cryptobiosis; cybernetics; Displacement Activated Spore Hub Drive; disruptor; distress beacon; DNA; eugenics; hologram; impulse drive; light year; mek'leth; mycelial network; phaser; phaser rifle; photosensitivity; sentience; spore drive; subspace; subspace communications; synthesizer; threat ganglia; tonsillectomy; toothbrush; tractor beam; transporter; warp drive; xenoanthropology
Ships & Vehicles U.S.S. Buran NCC-1422; Crossfield class; U.S.S. Discovery NCC-1031; Klingon raider; Sech class; shuttlecraft; U.S.S. Yeager NCC-1437
Xenology Andorians; Benzites; fungus; Humans; Kelpiens; Klingons; prototaxites stellaviatori; tardigrade (spaceborne); Vulcans
Miscellaneous black alert; bridge; Chief Medical Officer; rape; red alert; sickbay; Starfleet Uniforms; torture