City on the Edge of Never (STO)

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City on the Edge of Never
"City on the Edge of Never"

"City on the Edge of Never"
Story Arc Klingon War
Episode 12
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

Klingon War

Stardate Unknown: After helping Captain Thelin of the U.S.S. Kirk against a Klingon ambush, he reports that Miral Paris, the supposed Kuvah'magh, was kidnapped by B'vat. You follow him to the Gateway System, where B'vat takes Miral through the Guardian of Forever.

Starfleet Intelligence has completed its initial analysis of the data you found in Amar Singh's laboratory.

Preliminary results show that Singh wanted to use a combination of Klingon, Augment, and Gorn DNA to create his master race, but that his initial results were less than encouraging.

What troubles Starfleet Intelligence are references in Singh's notes to past events. Since Singh has said his employer was interested in time travel, do you think he and B'Vat could have been planning on manipulating the timeline for their own ends?

We want you to meet with the U.S.S. Kirk. It has thwarted several Klingon attacks on medical facilities in the past few weeks. They may have another piece of the puzzle. The Kirk is on routine patrol in the Hromi Sector within the Beta Quadrant.

Meet with the U.S.S. Kirk in the JFS 47 system in the Beta Quadrant and investigate the Klingons' attempts to manipulate time.

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