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Columbus class
Columbus class (SFC)

Columbus class (SFC)
Commissioned 2040
Retired 2075
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The Columbus class sublight explorer—an 8,600-ton craft powered by a high-acceleration, sub-light Bussard ramjet, and housing a crew of 40—entered service in 2040 as Earth's largest space-going vessels. The class boasted advanced fusion engines that could produce speeds of up to 0.75c and was the first Human spacecraft class to carry on-board shuttlecraft for extra-vehicular excursions, but new ships incorporating Zefram Cochrane's warp drive engines soon superseded the class for interstellar flight, and the last ship of the class was retired in 2075.[1]

Length 120m
Diameter 37.2m
Mass 8.6 million kg
Engines Geodyne Fusion Engine pack
Fuel antimatter-spiked deuterium (50:1 deuterium to antimatter)
Complement 40 Overall
4 Officers
36 Crew
Navigation Elementary Interstellar Celestial Guidance
Communication Laser/Particle Beam Subcarrier Radiotelemetry
Computer Intermediate Independent Thought Memory Scan
Life Support Gravity 0.4-0.75g
Atmosphere 22% O2; 14% humidity
Sustenance Duration 1-13 years at standard ship's complement
Weapons 4 forward lasers
25 fusion torpedoes
Range Standard 5.75 billion km (Earth-Pluto)
Maximum 8.5 light years
Velocity Cruising 0.75c
Maximum 0.85c
Typical Voyage Duration Earth-Pluto 10 hrs
Earth-Alpha Centauri 11.5 years
Thrust 1 billion kg

Columbus class vessels

FASA Timeline

U.N.S.S. Columbus  •  U.N.S.S. Icarus

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