Commando Hawk class (SFC)

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Commando Hawk class
Commando Hawk class (SFC2)

Commando Hawk class (SFC2)
Commissioned 2258

A variant of the Battlehawk class and the consort of the Commando Eagle class, the Commando Hawk class was introduced in 2258 and served well during the early stages of the General War. It was particularly popular for its ability to land directly on its target in order to rapidly offload its troops and equipment. The COH-type Commando Hawk troop transport featured a crew complement of 240, including 110 marines in four barracks, as well as a capacity of seven shuttlecraft, two cargo bays, two science labs, 1 transporter, and two tractor beam emitters. The COH was armed with four banks of Type-1 phasers, and it remained in service until 2274, when it was superseded by the COHR-type, which was introduced in 2268. The COHR-type added two banks of Type-3 phasers to its armament.[1]

Commando Hawk class vessels

SFC Timeline

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