Companion class (FASA)

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Companion class
Companion class (SFC)

Companion class (SFC)
Commissioned 2033
Retired 2080
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The Companion class, which entered service in 2033, was one of the most utilized escort ships during the period of intensive development and testing that resulted in humanity's interstellar spaceflight capability. From advanced fusion performance testing to warp drive prototype escort, the Companion class provided reliable backup for generations of new spacecraft. Upon decommissioning from regular service in 2080, the class was renovated and served as the official interplanetary carrier for the Secretary General of the United Nations.[1]

Length Overall 156m
Engine Section 78m
Life Support Section 40m
Diameter Overall 37.9m
Engine Section 37.9m
Life Support Section 29m
Forward Sensor 18m
Mass 6.9 million kg
Complement 20 Overall
4 Officers
16 Enlisted Crew
Range 6 billion km
Velocity Cruising 6000m/second
Maximum 9500m/second
Engine 2 advanced fission thrusters
Fuel Capacity 1.5 million kg

Companion class vessels

FASA Timeline

U.N.S.S. Companion  •  U.N.S.S. Fisher

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