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Myriad Universes: Nancy Crater
Nancy Crater
Nancy Crater (TOS06)

Nancy Crater (TOS06)
Species Human
Sex Female
Died c.2264
First Appearance TOS06 (8 Sep 1966)
Portrayed by Jeanne Bal
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

Before Nancy Crater was married to Professor Robert Crater, she had a brief relationship with Dr. Leonard McCoy circa 2256. The Craters began an archaeological dig on planet M-113 in 2261, studying the remains of a long-dead civilization.

Nancy Crater (c.2256) (TOS06)

Nancy Crater (c.2256) (TOS06)

Some time around 2264, she was killed by the M-113 creature. A sentient being, the creature was spared by Robert when he realized that it was the last of its kind and only killed in order to survive. It took Nancy's form and continued to live with him until Stardate 1513.8.[1]

Notes and References

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