DS9 Player Characters (STA)

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DS9 Player Characters

Series Star Trek Adventures
Released 28 Sep 2018

This supplement contains statistics for the crew and residents of Deep Space 9, including Captain Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Lt. Commander Worf, Chief Miles O'Brien, Lieutenant Jadzia Dax, Dr. Julian Bashir, Constable Odo, Quark, and Elim Garak as well as the game statistics for Deep Space 9 and the U.S.S. Defiant, and rules for Changelings and Ferengi as playable species.

Related Data
Astrometrics Bajor; Bajor system; Bajoran wormhole; Battle of Wolf 359; Deep Space 9; Khitomer; Milky Way galaxy (Alpha Quadrant, Gamma Quadrant); Terok Nor
Chronology 2371; 2372; 2373
Culture Bajoran religion; capitalism; Emissary of the Prophets; Great Link; marriage; Mok'bara; opera; R'uustai; Rules of Acquisition; springball; Tongo
Education doctor; physician; Starfleet Academy
Food alcohol
People Bashir, Julian; Dax, Curzon; Dax, Jadzia; Dax symbiont; Garak, Elim; Gowron; Kira Nerys; Martok; O'Brien, Miles; Odo; Quark; Singh, Khan Noonien; Sisko, Benjamin; Viper; Worf
Politics Bajoran Militia; Bajoran Provisional Government; Bajoran Ranks (Major); Bajoran resistance; Cardassian Occupation of Bajor; Cardassian Law; Cardassian Union; constable; Dominion; Federation-Cardassian War; House Martok; House Mogh; Khitomer Accords; Klingon Chancellor; Klingon Empire; Klingon Houses; Klingon Ranks (General); Romulan Star Empire; Starfleet; Starfleet Ranks (Chief, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Captain); United Federation of Planets
Science & Technology ablative armor; airlock; anatomy (brak'lul); archaeology; astrophysics; biology; cloaking device; combadge; computer; deflector; disruptors (disruptor pistol); docking port; epidemiology; explosives; first aid; forensics; fusion reactor; genetic engineering; holosuite; hour; interrogation; latinum; medicine; medkit; mining; morphogenic matrix; nuclear fusion; PADD (Ferengi PADD); phasers (Type 2 phaser, Type 3 phaser, shipboard phasers, Bajoran phaser pistol, Ferengi phaser); photon torpedo; quantum torpedo; sensors; sword (bat'leth, mek'leth); telepathy; thrusters; tractor beam; triage; tricorder (medical tricorder); warp drive; xenobiology; zoology
Ships & Vehicles Defiant class; U.S.S. Defiant NX-74205; U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D; Galor class
Xenology Augments; Bajorans; Borg; Cardassians; Changelings; Ferengi; Founders; Humans; Klingons; Prophets; taspar beasts; Trill; Trill symbionts
Miscellaneous assassination; commanding officer; executive officer; first officer; gold-pressed latinum; ops; profit; promenade; Quark's Bar; sickbay; tailor

System Design
Nathan Dowdell

Line Development
Sam Webb

Jacob Ross and Nathan Dowdell

Sam Webb

Jim Johnson and Virginia Page

Character Artwork
Michael Gardner and Robert Takei
Courtesy of Star Trek Timelines

Art Direction
Sam Webb

Graphic Design
Matthew Comben and Michal E. Cross

Richard L. Gale

Produced by
Chris Birch

Publishing Asssistant
Salwa Azar

Operations Manager
Garry Harper

Production Manager
Steve Daldry

Community Support
Lloyd Gyan

For CBS Studios
John van Citters, Marian Cordry, Veronica Hart and Keith Lowenadler