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Myriad Universes: Delta Vega
Delta Vega
Delta Vega (TOS 01)

Delta Vega (TOS 01)
Coordinates 140.9, 47.7, 187.8[1]
Astrometrics Trimordidion X[2]
Affiliation Associate Member, United Federation of Planets[2]
Planetary Class F[1]
Planetary Gravity 1.05g[2]
Diameter 18,100km[2]
Equatorial Circumference 50,000km[2]
Surface Area 700,000,000km²[2]
Land Area 630,000,000km²[2]
Hydrosphere 10%[2]
Rotational Period 19 hours[2]
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The planet Delta Vega was the tenth planet in the Trimordidion system,[2] a white dwarf[1] on the northern fringe of the galaxy[1] near the Galactic Barrier[3] in Quadrant III of the United Federation of Planets, toward the direction of the Triangle.[2] A Class F world with only primitive life and a primordial atmosphere,[1] it was home to an automated lithium cracking station, and ore ships only arrived once every twenty years. On Stardate 1313.1, Captain James T. Kirk of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 ordered his crew to cannibalize the station to repair the ship. Kirk was also forced to maroon his friend, ship's navigator[3] and first officer[4] Lieutenant Commander Gary Mitchell, who had been overcome by an alien influence that had given him godlike powers. Before the ship could depart, however, Mitchell escaped, and Kirk was forced to kill his friend.[3]

Later reports of extensive dilithium deposits far beyond original estimates spurred numerous industrial concerns to establish permanent mining facilities on the planet. In the decade leading up to 2223, more than seven million Humans moved to Delta Vega, who helped to turn the planet into an important trade center.[2]

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