Duncan (STO)

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Duncan (STO: "Bull by the Horns")

Duncan (STO: "Bull by the Horns")
Species Human
Sex Female
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

Duncan[1] was a researcher aboard a science vessel that was attacked by a Klingon force under the command of Captain Kor in 2270 while the ship was studying the Murasaki 312 nebula. Only four people aboard the ship, including Duncan, survived the crash on Taurus II and subsequent predation by the Taureans.[2]

Notes and References

  1. The researchers Duncan and Halleck appear to have been references to characters from the classic science fiction novel Dune: Duncan Idaho and Gurney Halleck.
  2. "Bull by the Horns": D'Angelo, Stephen & Ricossa, Stephen & Stinnett, Daron (Executive Producers). Star Trek Online, "Agents of Yesterday." Associate Production by Kiera Castner. Directed by Joe Lyford. Casting Direction by Lani Minella. Writing by Paul Reed. Cryptic Studios, 6 July 2016.