Earth (Kelvin)

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Myriad Universes: Earth
Earth (Kelvin)
Earth (Star Trek)

Earth (Star Trek)
Official Name United Earth Republic[1]
Affiliation United Federation of Planets[2]
Distance from Star 1 AU; 149,680,000km[3]
Orbital Period 365.24 days[3]
Rotational Period 24 hours[3]
Class M[2]
Surface Temperature -56.7°C to 34°C[3]
Diameter 12,756km[3]
Gravity 1.0g[1][3]
Natural Satellites Luna[4]
Notable Species Humans[5]
Notable Individuals Jonathan Archer,[1] Zefram Cochrane,[6] James T. Kirk,[5] Christopher Pike,[5] Khan Noonien Singh[4]
Notable Events Eugenics Wars,[4] World War III[7]
Kelvin Timeline
(Split from 2233)

The Earth of the Kelvin Timeline is very similar, though not quite identical, to its counterpart in the Prime reality.[5]

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