Earth Spacedock (STO)

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Myriad Universes: Earth Spacedock
Earth Spacedock
Earth Spacedock (STO: "Graduation Day")

Earth Spacedock (STO: "Graduation Day")
Astrometrics Beta Quadrant, Sol system, Earth
Beam 3818m
Draft 5544m
Mass 10,552,000t
Volume 21,324,000m³
Complement 318,000
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

Earth Spacedock was the primary starbase serving the Sol system, and one of the largest Starfleet bases in the United Federation of Planets. More than 1400 officers lived on the station full-time, and many others took shuttles between the station and assignments on Earth, Mars, and Jupiter. In 2409, Admiral Jorel Quinn was the station's commanding officer, as well as the liaison between the fleet and Starfleet Command on Earth. Other station personnel in 2409 included transporter Chief ch'Thras, requisitions officer Ensign Lessa, personnel officers Commander Balt and Elsa Mora, shipyard officer Dirz Raxx, Club 47's DJ Zuza, and the tailor Ghemik Telur, as well as Temporal Agent Philip Crey.[1]

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