Franklin series (FASA)

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Franklin series
Franklin series probe (FASA 2011)

Franklin series probe (FASA 2011)
Commissioned RSD 0/6407
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The Franklin series warp drive message probe became operational on Reference Stardate 0/6407 (July 2064). These small, unmanned probes had rudimentary astrogational equipment, and were capable of carrying a cargo of up to 0.1 ton in addition to several hundred recorded messages. These probes were later refitted with modern warp drives and used for the next three decades. A total of 380 were built.[1] First contact with the Vulcans occurred on RSD 0/6511.12 (12 November 2065), when a Franklin series probe encountered a Vulcan colony world.[2][1]

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