Fury of the Hive (STA)

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Fury of the Hive

Series Star Trek Adventures

Remote mining colony Coriolanus IV failed to send its last scheduled status update, so Starfleet Command wants the Lexington to check in. It’s the lone ship in the area, so the crew must operate without access to further support. Coriolanus IV is a mining colony that recently discovered one of the largest deposits of dilithium ever recorded, so it is critical to discover what happened and protect the deposits.

The system is at the edge of explored space, but it’s not claimed by any other power. Because of its remote nature, Starfleet decided to also send a survey and research team to explore the planet and its surroundings for new life and phenomena. The stakes are high, as enemy nations are encroaching from every corner, and each load of dilithium can power a starship task force.


Jacob Ross