Grayson, Amanda (Kelvin)

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Myriad Universes: Amanda Grayson
Amanda Grayson
Amanda Grayson (ST11)

Amanda Grayson (ST11)
Species Human
Sex Female
Family Arthur Conan Doyle (Ancestor)
Sarek (Husband)
Spock (Son)
Portrayed by Winona Ryder (ST11)

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Amanda[1] Grayson[2] was the wife of Federation Ambassador Sarek and mother of Starfleet Commander Spock. Amanda was extremely supportive of her son, and assured him in 2248 that "no matter what you do, you will have a proud mother." Amanda was killed when Vulcan was destroyed by Nero on Stardate 2258.42, when the ridge that she was standing on collapsed, causing the U.S.S. Enterprise to lose its transporter lock.[3]

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