Highway 949

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Highway 949

UFP Historical Society
First Appearance TOS55 (29 Mar 1968)

Highway 949[1] was a transportation corridor in the United States of America on Earth. In 1968, several days before the arrival of Gary Seven, aka Supervisor 194, Agent 201 and Agent 347 were killed in an automobile collision on Highway 949, ten miles north of McKinley Rocket Base.[2]

Notes and References

  1. While there is a real Highway 949 in Pennsylvania, the images of McKinley Rocket Base were all repurposed footage of Cape Canaveral in Florida.
  2. Roddenberry, Gene (Executive Producer/Story). "Assignment: Earth." Star Trek, Season 2, Episode 26. Directed by Marc Daniels. Story by Gene Roddenberry & Art Wallace. Teleplay by Art Wallace. Desilu Productions, 29 March 1968.