Horizon class (FASA)

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Horizon class
Horizon class (SFC)

Horizon class (SFC)
Commissioned RSD 0/9310
Decommissioned 2140
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Originating from an Earth-inspired design, the Horizon class, the first Federation-built ships, entered service on Reference Stardate 0/9310 (October 2093). This was the first class jointly designed and constructed by engineers from several member systems of the UFP. It was also the first class equipped with the new quasi-nuclear photon-neutron torpedoes. An excellent design, it served with Star Fleet's front-line units for decades. Beginning on Reference Stardate 1/0408 (August 2104), the class was upgraded with more advanced laser weaponry. More than 1300 were built, and the class remained in service until 2140.[1][2]

Length 280 m
Beam 136.5 m
Draught 57.8 m
Mass 38.5 million kg
Crew Complement  •  Officers: 12
 •  Crew: 212
Navigation Celestial Warp Reader
Communications Warp Communication
Weapons  •  4-8 forward lasers
 •  2-6 particle beam cannons
 •  50-250 photon-neutron torpedoes
Gravity 0.2-1.2 g
Atmosphere 20% O2; 11% humidity
Range  •  Standard: 150 light years
 •  Maximum: 500 light years
Sustenance Duration Up to 40 years if outfitted for long-duration exploration
Velocity  •  Cruising: Warp 3 (27c)
 •  Maximum: Warp 3.25 (34.3c)
Engine Second Generation Warp Drive
Fuel 20:1 matter to antimatter

Horizon class vessels

FASA Timeline

U.S.S. Excelsior •  U.S.S. Garibaldi •  U.S.S. Horizon •  U.S.S. Matador

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