I.K.S. Dugh (STO)

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I.K.S. Dugh
Vor'cha class (STO)

Vor'cha class (STO)
Status Destroyed (2409)
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

The Imperial Klingon Ship Dugh was a Vor'cha class battle cruiser. The Dugh took part in a raid on a medical research lab on Korvat Colony in 2409. The raid was interrupted by a Starfleet vessel, which disabled the Dugh in order to access its computer and gain intelligence from its communications logs. Captain K'mtak was unable to prevent the data from being taken, but he ordered the ship to ram the Starfleet ship, hoping to destroy the Federation vessel while he and his crew earned an honorable death in battle, destroying the Dugh and claiming all of the crew's lives.[1]

Vor'cha class vessels

I.K.S. BortaS

STO Timeline

I.K.S. BortaS  • I.K.S. Dugh

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