K.H.S. Universe (SFU)

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K.H.S. Universe
K.H.S. Universe emblem (Nexus #6, Colorized; Original image)

K.H.S. Universe emblem (Nexus #6, Colorized; Original image)
First Appearance Nexus #7
SFU Timeline
(Star Fleet Universe Games)

The Kzinti Hegemony Ship Universe was a command cruiser. Though Kzinti culture kept the names of their vessels a closely guarded secret, the name was assigned by the Federation for ease in identification.[1]

Kzinti command cruiser class vessels

SFU Timeline

K.H.S. Cosmos  • K.H.S. Star Cluster  • K.H.S. Universe  • K.H.S. White Dwarf  • K.H.S. Zenith

Notes and References

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