Killerhawk class (SFC)

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Killerhawk class
Killerhawk class (SFC2)

Killerhawk class (SFC2)
Commissioned 2302
SFC Timeline
(Starfleet Command Games)

The Romulan Star Empire's Killerhawk super heavy cruiser was one of several variants of the Firehawk class heavy cruiser, commissioned in 2302. The ultimate extension of the spaceframe, the Killerhawk was essentially an attempt to build a pocket dreadnought. The design was not considered to be successful, however, since it placed too many weapons on too small of a hull. The maintenance cost to support the ships was far higher than any other variant of the Firehawk class, and only a few were built.

The Killerhawk featured a crew complement of 550, a capacity of ten shuttlecraft, and was equipped with two science labs, three transporters, and four tractor beam emitters. The Killerhawk was armed with five torpedo tubes — one for Type-R plasma torpedoes, two for Type-S, and two for Type-F — as well as seven banks of Type-1 phasers and four banks of Type-3 phasers.[1]

Killerhawk class vessels

SFC Timeline

R.I.S. Killer Hawk  • R.I.S. Rampager  • R.I.S. Ravager  • R.I.S. Ravenous  • R.I.S. Redemption

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