King Condor class (SFC)

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King Condor class
King Condor class (SFC2)

King Condor class (SFC2)
Commissioned 2290
SFC Timeline
(Starfleet Command Games)

The Romulan Star Empire's King Condor class battleship was a larger extrapolation of the Condor class design, with a greatly expanded rear hull and a second heavy torpedo launcher, though the warp engines were considered failures, as they had to be overhauled every few months, taking the ship out of service for almost as much time as it was in service.

The King Condor class was commissioned in 2290; it featured a crew complement of 800, a capacity of sixteen shuttlecraft, and was equipped with six science labs, ten transporters, six tractor beam emitters, and four mech tractors. The King Condor was armed with seven torpedo tubes — two for Type-R plasma torpedoes, three for Type-S, and two for Type-F — as well as twenty banks of Type-1 phasers and eight banks of Type-3 phasers.[1]

King Condor class vessels

SFC Timeline

R.I.S. Imperator Rex  • R.I.S. Imperious  • R.I.S. Pax Remus  • R.I.S. Pax Romulus

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