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Species Romulan
Sex Male

Centurion Kozik, a Romulan male, served as the tactical officer aboard the Romulan Warbird Dekkona during a joint mission with the Breen to steal quantum slipstream drive technology from Utopia Planitia shipyards in 2382.[1] After Commander Marius was removed from command of the Dekkona, the crew was distributed throughout the Romulan Fleet. Promoted to subcommander, Kozik served as executive officer aboard the Warbird Vetruvis until 2383, when the ship's commander suffered a fatal brain aneurysm on the bridge. Kozik advanced to commander of the warbird, and soon became involved in a second attempt by the Typhon Pact, through the Tal Shiar, to steal Dominion shipbuilding equipment in order to modify the Pact's ships to enable them to travel at slipstream velocities. The theft, while successful, resulted in the destruction of the Vetruvis within the Bajoran wormhole, at the mouth of an artificial wormhole that had been projected within it, killing all aboard.[2]

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