Mirror Universe: Through a Glass Darkly (Decipher)

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Mirror Universe: Through a Glass Darkly

Series Star Trek Roleplaying Game
Published 2005
"I had an opportunity to observe your counterparts here quite closely. They were brutal, savage, unprincipled, uncivilized, treacherous... I found them quite refreshing." — Spock to Kirk and McCoy, Mirror, Mirror

Through the looking glass... darkly.

Haven't you ever wanted to phaser the captain, level a helpless planet, and steal your weight in gold-pressed latinum? Now you can — on the other side of the mirror. In this setting book for the Star Trek Roleplaying Game, you can bring Federation ideals of justice to the Mirror Universe, or revel in your own character's dark reflection. Prowl the Terran Empire with Captain Kirk of the I.S.S. Enterprise, or crush puny Human rebels with Intendant Kira of the Cardassian-Klingon Alliance. So grab your agonizer, grow a goatee, and watch you back — because in the Mirror Universe, nothing is what it seems...

Through a Glass Darkly: The Mirror Universe includes:

  • Complete setting information for the Terran Empire from Star Trek and the brutal Alliance from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.
  • Rules and guidelines for creating your existing character's mirror image.
  • Everything you need to play a "Mirror series," including new skills, cruel traits, and the malign Wheel of Comeuppance.
  • Star Trek RPG rules and statistics for the agonizer, the Tantalus Field, and the deadly devices of Imperial Security.
  • Unsolved mysteries of the Mirror Universe to explore on your own or use in your series.
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Produced by
Decipher Inc.

Directed by
Jess Heinig

Designed by
Ross A. Isaacs, Christian Moore, Owen Seyler

Additional Design by
Matthew Colville, Kenneth Hite, Steven S. Long, Don Mappin

Written by
Matthew Colville, Kenneth Hite, Steven S. Long, Don Mappin, Christian Moore, Owen Seyler

Editing by
Patrick Goodman, Carlos Paradinha, Janice Sellers

Star Trek RPG Campaign Development by
Andrea Heywood-Lobban

Creative Direction by
Christian Moore, Owen Seylor

Product Development, Paramount by
John van Citters

Visual Creative Direction by
Dan Burns

Art Direction and Graphic Design by
Kieran Yanner

Production Design by
Owen Seylor, Kieran Yanner

Art by
Blake Beasley, Paul "Prof" Herbert, Norman Lao, Kieran Yanner

Based on the Original Concept by
Paramount Pictures