Nexus Issue 7 (Magazine)

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Nexus #7
Issue #7 Cover

Issue #7 Cover
Published by Task Force Games
Released January 1984
SFU Timeline
(Star Fleet Universe Games)

However, not counting playtest sessions, I can count on both hands the number of times I have played an adventure game with an opponent. The point of this is that I am not alone!
Allen D. Eldridge

It was 1984 and Nexus #7 had just been released. It focused this time on solitaire gaming. Of course there was a section on the Star Fleet Universe, too. In that section you found a solitaire scenario with Igneous, a robot battle station. (A miniature of Igneous was available in the ADB shop on Shapeways.) The first term papers appeared along with a Q&A with Steve Cole. There was also the inevitable (at the time) collection of errata.

Other games were covered with a maintenance cost of ships for the universe of Starfire along with an article and scenarios on the Drolian Conquest 2068-2070, how to play a shorter version of TSR's Iwo Jima, looks at Operation Pegasus and Boarding Party, and a two-player variant for Intruder. There are reviews of the computer games Gwendolyn, Zork I, The Vaults of Zurich, The Cranston Manor Adventure, NATO Division Commander, The Return of Hercules, The Dark Crystal, Star League Baseball, Capture the Flag, and Odin.

The scenarios from the previous issues of Nexus were renumbered here, to bring them in line with the newly-released Commander's Edition rules:

Old New Nexus Title Author
500.0 SN1.0 #1 The Time Warp Graeme Cree
501.0 SN2.0 #2 The Stasis Box A.R. Murgas & A. Krull
502.0 SN3.0 #3 A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Ray Olesen
503.0 SN4.0 #4 Assault on a Starbase (Revisited) The Committee
504.0 SN5.0 #4 Destruction of the Wolfpack S.V. Cole
505.0 SN6.0 #5 Border Incident S.V. Cole


Publisher: Allen D. Eldridge

Editor: R. Vance Buck

Associate Editor/Star Fleet Universe: Stephen V. Cole

Associate Editor/Starfire: David Weber

Associate Editor and Advertising: Rick L. Buck

Associate Editor/Interface: Ron Emch

Art in This Issue
Cover, Pages 5, 12, 15, 21, 23, 27, 33, 35 — Bill Keith Jr.

Star Fleet Universe

  • The Next Frontier
  • Generalized Ship Conversions
  • Kzinti Ship Names
  • A Stone's Throw: A Solitare Scenario — S.V. Cole
  • Star Fleet Academy Term Papers
  • Questions and Answers
  • Star Fleet Universe Consolidated Errata

Kzinti Ship Names

The actual names of Kzinti ships are known only to their crews (and possibly only to their officers). In tactical situations, however, it would be impossible to control the fleet without some identification system that does not violate the Kzinti taboo on revealing such information. For this purpose, all ships are assigned a tactical name. The names listed here are those from Federation archives and are presumably those by which the Federation identified the individual ships.

Related Data

SN7.0 A Stone's Throw

by S.V. Cole

Heading on a collision course for Earth is a huge planetoid, code nam­ed Igneous. A starship, sent to divert the menace, is greeted by a hail of weapons fire.

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