Planets of the UFP (LUG)

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Planets of the UFP

Series Star Trek: The Next Generation Roleplaying Game
Released Mar 1999
Alpha Centauri

It's a big galaxy, and even Starfleet officers don't get to see it all. From the spellbinding Sand Gardens of Tellar to the lush White Jungle on Risa, from the vast wilderness preserves of Vulcan to the Steppe Cities of Alpha Centauri, the splendor of the UFP and its worlds awaits you. Join us on a tour of the worlds of the United Federation of Planets and experience the singular wonders that each system has to offer.

Presented as an atlas, Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds contains detailed treatments of each of the founding members of the UFP, including Vulcan, Andoria, Tellar, Earth and Alpha Centauri. Additional entries discuss Federation colonies, neutral systems and other UFP members, as well as the roles these systems play in the larger structure of the Federation. Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds provides players and narrators alike with an illustrated guide to the worlds and inhabitants of the Federation. From Earth to Andoria, from outlying colonies to systems at the UFP core, this book serves as the indispensable game reference to Federation space.

Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds includes:

  • Detailed treatments of 23 Federation planets, including write-ups on planetary history, politics, locations, important leaders, and more!
  • Over 25 system and planetary maps, including homeworld maps of each of the UFP’s founding members.
  • New technology, supporting cast characters, and adventure hooks. Everything a Narrator needs to introduce the myriad worlds of the UFP into his game!
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James Cambias, Richard Dakan, Jeff Hannes, Harry Heckel, Kenneth A. Hite, Ross A. Isaacs, Sam Johnson, Steve Long, Christian Moore, Lou Prosperi, Justin Schmid, John Snead

Steve Long, Ross A. Isaacs, Christian Moore

Star Trek: The Next Generation Line Developer
Ross A. Isaacs,

Janice Sellers

Graphic Design
Anthony N. Vayos

Layout & Typesetting
Alvaro Riet

Art Direction
Christian Moore, Anthony Vayos, Ryan Moore

Maps & Cartography
Barry Doyle

Original Art
John Bridges, Joe Corroney, Andrew Currie, Mark Forrer, John Grigni, Pia Guerra, Steve Kurth, Terry Pallot

Product Development, Paramount
Paul Ruditis

Proofreading and Fact Checking
Bill Maxwell

Additional Contributions
Jay Longino, Kenneth Hite