Priors Vd (STO)

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Priors Vd
Astrometrics Priors V, Priors system, Beta Quadrant
Affiliation UFP
Class P
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

A Class P world, Priors Vd[1] was the fourth moon of the fifth planet in the Priors system.

Surface of Priors Vd (STO: "Impossibility of Reason")

Surface of Priors Vd (STO: "Impossibility of Reason")

In 2256, during the Klingon War, a shuttle carrying several Starfleet officers — including a wounded Captain Gabriel Lorca, Commander Ellen Landry, Lieutenant Commander Amna Patel, Lieutenant Kerwin, and Ensign Th'Pev of the U.S.S. Buran NCC-1422, which had just been destroyed — was forced to crash-land on the moon while evading pursuit by Klingon forces. Ensign Th'Pev, an Andorian, claimed that the moon was "like Waikiki beach" compared to some of the places that he had gone camping at in his youth on Andoria.[2]

Notes and References

  1. The name of the moon was displayed as "Priors 5d" in the game, but astronomical naming conventions used in both the real world and throughout the Star Trek franchise dictate that it would more properly be displayed as "Priors Vd," using a Roman rather than Arabic numeral to designate the planetary position.
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