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A blue-colored alcoholic beverage, Romulan Ale was illegal in the United Federation of Planets as early as 2285,[1] although that prohibition was (at least briefly) lifted in 2374, following an alliance between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire.[2][3] It had a powerful intoxicating effect,[1][4] and Dr. McCoy kept a small supply that he had smuggled across the border, which he claimed only to use "for medicinal purposes" in 2285.[1] In 2293, Lieutenant Valeris suggested that the "small supply of Romulan Ale aboard" the Enterprise be served at a formal dinner with Klingon Chancellor Gorkon, which Captain Kirk described as "officer thinking," though he later noted that "Romulan Ale [is] no longer to be served at diplomatic functions."[4]

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