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Myriad Universes: Saber class
Saber class
Saber class (ST08)

Saber class (ST08)
Date Entered Service 2370[1]
Length 160m[1][2] / 364.77m[3]
Width 111.8m[2] / 225.61m[3]
Height 82.6m[2] / 52.48m[3]
Decks 6[1][2]
Mass 310,000mt[3]
Transporters  • Personnel: 2[1]
 • Emergency: 2[1]
 • Cargo: 2[1]
Shuttlecraft 6[2]
Crew 40[3]
Passengers 80[1]
Evacuation Limit 200[3]
Velocity  • Crusing: Warp 5[1]
 • Maximum Safe: Warp 9.2[1]
 • Emergency: Warp 9.7 for 12 hours[3]
Weapons  • 4 Type X Phaser arrays[3]
 • 2 torpedo launchers[3]
 • 100[1] Type III[2] Photon torpedoes[3]
LUG Timeline
(Last Unicorn and Decipher Roleplaying Games)

The fourth class authorized by Starfleet's Perimeter Defense Directive (PDD), the Saber class of light cruisers quickly saw extensive action on several frontiers. Using materials technology and spaceframe elements borrowed from the Advanced Starship Design Bureau (ASDB) Defiant Development Project, the first Saber class vessels were commissioned in late 2370 as fast perimeter defense ships.[1]

Saber class light cruisers quickly proved that they could hold their own against much larger opponents. The internal nacelle configuration, inspired by Cardassian embedded-warp technology and explored by Starfleet R&D during the Defiant Project, made the ship a compact target and saved space that would otherwise have been required for nacelle field conduits and containment structures,[1] although this made the class more vulnerable to core breaches when full armor penetration occurred.[2]

Small and designed for easy mass production, no less than five major yard facilities,[1] including the Advanced Starship Design Bureau Integration Section at the Earth Spacedock,[3] produced Saber class vessels[1] by the end of the Dominion War.[2] As a result, within five years of the U.S.S. Saber's commissioning, there were already more Saber class ships in active service than any of the other new classes that resulted from the PDD.[1]

Saber class vessels proved particularly effective in convoy escort, sector patrol, intelligence reconnaisance, and commerce interdiction missions. Following the Dominion War, Saber class vessels often became "troubleshooters:" fast, efficient ships that could investigate problems anywhere in the Federation and have a good chance of solving them, or of surviving and reporting back. Many promising Dominion War veterans were given peacetime Saber class commands as a way of grooming them for larger ships, while keeping these veteran personnel as close to the sharp end as possible.[2]

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