Shuttlecraft NX-76884/06

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Shuttlecraft 06
Shuttlecraft 06 (PDG 104)

Shuttlecraft 06 (PDG 104)
Parent vessel U.S.S. Protostar NX-76884

Shuttlecraft 06 was constructed with the vehicle replicator aboard the U.S.S. Protostar NX-76884 during an escape attempt by Gwyn. The shuttle was heavily damaged by a fight between Gwyn and Rok-Tohk during construction, leaving it in need of significant repair.[1] When the Protostar was overwhelmed by a hostile life form on a Class M planet in the Hirogen system, Gwyn and Murph were forced to abandon ship, using the damaged shuttle as a makeshift escape pod.[2] The remains of the shuttle were abandoned on a Class M planet in the Hirogen system.[3]

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