Spadora, Joseph (FASA)

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Joseph Spadora
Species Human
Sex Male
Died RSD 1/0610.14 (Romulan War)

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Captain Joseph Spadora commanded the Marshall class destroyer U.S.S. Patton in 2106. On Reference Stardate 1/0610.14 (14 October 2106), the Patton was on picket duty near Eta Leonis VI when three Romulan U-15 class cruisers closed. While decelerating, the Romulan ships opened fire. Captain Spadora was able to make a single transmission before a Romulan cruiser launched a "star-bomb" guided missile. The torpedo hit the Patton, completely destroying it. Spadora's message was received by other vessels in the area and relayed throughout the Federation. The Romulans' intentions were clear, and war was declared.[1][2][3][4]

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