T'Jul, Orventa

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Orventa T'Jul
Species Romulan
Sex Female

Orventa T’Jul, a Romulan female, spent her entire adult life in the Romulan Imperial Fleet. Her brunette hair and green eyes set her outside the norm of Romulan physicality, and she wore her hair in a style that was not quite so closely cropped or rigidly shaped as that of most of her fellow citizens. As a subcommander, T'Jul served as second-in-command of the Imperial Romulan Warbird Dekkona, under Commander Marius, during a joint mission with the Breen to steal quantum slipstream drive technology from Utopia Planitia shipyards. Several months after the Utopia Planitia mission, T'Jul was promoted and placed in command of the Warbird Eletrix, which was sent on a joint mission of exploration in the Gamma Quadrant with a Federation starship, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-E. The mission, however, came to an abrupt end thanks to Tomalak, secretly an agent of the Tal Shiar, who sent the Eletrix on a mission to steal starship construction technology from the Dominion.[1] T'Jul died when she ordered the self-destruction of the Eletrix during a subsequent battle at Deep Space 9, shortly after the ship was detected, despite its use of a new phasing cloaking device, upon its return to the Alpha Quadrant.[2]

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