The Doomsday Device (STO)

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The Doomsday Device
"The Doomsday Device"

"The Doomsday Device"
Story Arc Klingon War
Episode 11
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

Klingon War

Stardate Unknown: After commandeering the B'rel class Bird-of-Prey I.K.S. Targ, you learn of B'vat's plan to unleash the Doomsday Machine on Federation worlds. Having confronted B'vat on Imaga, Starfleet is able to disable the Doomsday Device after an ultimate sacrifice by K'Valk.

Starfleet believed that the Klingons were testing their new weapons in the Imaga system.

We have information that now leads us to believe that these testing programs are for something much bigger than a new kind of torpedo.

Starfleet Intelligence has received a message from someone claiming to serve in Ambassador B'Vat's personal force. This source says that the ambassador's research is complete, and that he is planning on using some sort of a doomsday weapon on Federation worlds.

My aide, Lieutenant VanZyl, will join you for this mission. Go with her to the Donia system. B'vat has a small supply base near one of the outer planets. Our source, a man named K'Valk, says that we will find the information we need to stop B'Vat there.

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Astrometrics Beta Quadrant; Briar Patch; Donia system; Donia I; Earth Spacedock; Imaga system; Imaga II; Imaga IIa; Qo'noS; Risa Sector; Sol system; T'Ong Nebula
Chronology 22nd Century; 2268; 2380s; 2409
Culture honor; klin zha; Klingon language; "Qoy QeyliS puqloD"
Food bloodwine
People B'vat; Burgess, Ethan; D'Tang; Imaga Guard Commander; K'men; K'Valk; Quinn, Jorel; VanZyl, Kyla
Politics ambassador; Breen Confederacy; Dominion; Dominion War; Klingon Empire; Klingon Houses (House B'vat); Klingon Ranks (Klingon Captain); Starfleet; Starfleet Intelligence; Starfleet Ranks (Ensign, Lieutenant, Commander, Admiral); Temporal Cold War; United Federation of Planets
Science & Technology antigrav; antiprotons; antiproton beam weapons; bat'leth; communications; computer; disruptors (pistol, rifle, shipboard); distortion generators; forcefield; holography; impulse drive; neutronium; phasers (Type 2, Type 3, shipboard); photon grenade; shields; time (year); torpedoes (photon, Hargh'peng); transporter; turbolift; warp drive
Ships & Vehicles I.K.S. Aktuh; auxiliary craft; B'rel class; Birds of Prey; Centaur class; U.S.S. Crazy Horse; cruisers; defense drones; Doomsday Machine; Emissary class; escorts; fighters; frigates; Galaxy-X class; I.K.S. HeS; Koro't'inga class; U.S.S. Laub; I.K.S. Melota; Miranda class; I.K.S. Mogh's Revenge; Negh'var class; Nomad class; Peregrine class; I.K.S. Qla'zander; QulDun class; Raptors; U.S.S. Risa; science vessels; Shikahr class; Somraw class; I.K.S. Targ; To'Duj class; Toron class; I.K.S. Tosk; Vor'cha class; I.K.S. Wo'
Xenology Andorians; Benzites; Bolians; Breen; Caitians; Grishnar cats; Humans; Klingons; Letheans; Saurians; targs; Trill; Vulcans
Miscellaneous bridge; brig; logs; main engineering; Red Alert; ready room; slavery; Starfleet Uniforms (2409)